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A must for any Irish Pub, Guinness has a rich history and unique texture and flavor that is sure to make an impression. We always double pour every Guinness to ensure perfection.
The Smithwick brewery was founded in 1710 in Kilkenny Ireland and has been putting out and exceptional beer ever since. This premium Irish ale is an excellent blend of hops and roasted, malted barley. Think of the creamy texture of a Guinness with a less intense Irish red ale flavor. 



Got  To Get  Up  To Get  Down

This one is sure to get your heart racing. This unique coffee stout incorporates coffee beans from the Konga region of Ethiopia and the sweet flavors of blueberries. A milk sugar is added with toasted oats to create a silky, medium body stout with a lush finish. 

Yee  Haw

We offer three varieties from the Yee Haw brewing co including the Pilsner, Dunkel, and the Eighty. 
Pilsner - A crisp and refreshing true pilsner with a distinct golden finish.
Dunkel - This beer placed at the 2016 World Beer Cup and for good reason. The rich and complex nature of this dark lager with hints of biscuits, cocoa and caramel will surely excite you palate 
Eighty - Smooth and slightly sweet, this Scottish ale makes quite the impression. 

Sweet  Water  420

This award winning pale ale from Atlanta Georgia has a smooth hoppy taste and a crisp finish. The unique citrus flavors make this an ale that is easy to drink and is sure to lay the foundation for a memorable night. 

McHale's  Seasonal

A Chattanooga original, the McHale's Brewhouse puts out some fantastic selections made with the finest ingredients. This traditional Scottish ale boasts a fantastic malt flavor and a pleasing, dry finish. 
This unique seasonal offering has an awesome blend of fruit and hops. Ideal for easy drinking, the Mango Even Keel brings together a full hoppy flavor with mango that creates a beer that is sure to make an impression.

Ballast  Point  

Mango  Even Keel

Chattanooga Brewing Co

Pale Lager

This crisp, smooth pale lager has a great flavor for such an easy to drink beer. We pride ourselves in supporting local microbreweries and for good reason. Chattanooga is developing a reputation for putting out some of the finest craft beers in the southeast. 

Angry Orchard

Angry Orchard puts out some of the best hardcore apple cider around. Not for the faint of heart, this one has a strong kick to it and an easy to drink, bold and crisp flavor that is sure to excite your palate. 
It's time for Samuel Adams seasonal Octoberfest. One of Americas most respected breweries, Sam Adams always helps us prepare for the cooler weather and changing leaves with a wonderful beer that has a rich, deep golden amber hue. Malt lovers will delight in this offering. 
From America's oldest brewery comes an American Classic. Yuengling's traditional lager has that famous rich, amber color and medium- bodied flavor. With roasted caramel malt and hops, the flavor is subtly sweet and well balanced. 

Samuel  Adams  Octoberfest


Michelob  Ultra

Michelob Ultra has become a staple for the health conscious who refuse to sacrifice flavor. This crisp tasting, easy drinking beer will get the job done.
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